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Saturday Shares (What I want to watch in the Summer)

I’m all about downtime, cool theaters, and consuming buttered popcorn during these hot months of summer. Here are my current favorites for your next movie night.


  • Classic Disney movies

In my attempts to use the afternoon Netflix time with the little ones constructively (aka – we all feel rested and aren’t wasting our life watching Pound Puppies) I’ve steered the kids attention to the finer things. We are all enjoying Robin Hood, Lilo and Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Brother Bear, and movies that are worth watching. It is the perfect afternoon ritual for our long summer days.

We went to see Finding Dory for our date night last week. It was sweet, adorable, and funny. Pixar continues to produce only the best. (We can just pretend like Cars 2 didn’t happen.)


Of course I hope you’ve tried the recent adaptations of some of these classic Disney stories like Cinderella, Maleficent, and The Jungle Book. They are beautiful – capturing the magic of the original Disney movies in new and realistic ways.

This always seems like the quintessential summer movie to watch and re-watch. Probably only for the opening scene when Elizabeth walks outside, book in hand, to the birds chirping and the sun rising. All summer mornings should look like this.

(Am I allowed to say I like the Kiera Knightly version best, and even gave away the Colin Firth, fifteen hour version? My high school self would be ashamed.)

Austenland is another perfect movie if you’re looking for something light and fun and Jane Austeny. I was thoroughly entertained by this outlandish concept of a Jane Austen theme park in which you can virtually live Elizabeth Bennett’s life for a few days.


Ok in all honesty, this is the ONLY thing I want to watch right now. Since getting into this fairy-tale meets modern America show several months ago, it has become our go-to for movie nights (or afternoons, or sometimes even mornings.) I love these characters and I love the complexities that they work through as they encounter Peter Pan, the Wicked Witch, Elsa… it is my favorite.


I watched this for the first time on a summer evening with a pint of lemon sorbet and the window open. It is a sweet movie that is minimally about time travel and all about living your actual life well. I finished it and was inspired to live better.


What have you seen lately that offers a breezy summer cinematic experience?


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    The Reluctant Bride
    July 2, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    If you are hankering for a Jane Austen film but also want your husband to watch it with you, I highly recommend Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. SO funny.

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      September 6, 2016 at 2:08 pm

      Hah – we saw on Facebook that you guys loved it. I’m kind of anti-zombie movies though…Is it scary or just silly?

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