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A few links from around the web to add a spark of wonder, joy in your dailiness, and sanity to the chaos that summer might bring:

The Secret of Learning to Love What Must Be Done by Ruth Simons “Maybe we’ve been tempted to hope in weekends, vacations, summertime, retirement, or making a life doing what we love doing. We live in a world that tolerates and survives the mundane because we can’t imagine that miracles of hope can happen in the smallest and simplest of places.”

How To Survive Summer with a Million Kids on The Lazy Genius “Keep your intentions simple, your expectations reasonable, your checklists to a minimum, and your chocolate within easy reach at all times. That’s how you survive summer with a million kids.”

The Art of Being Easily Fascinated by Joel Zaslofsky “It only takes a moment to decide to be present. It costs nothing to embrace fascination and yet it means everything to a friend or loved one to hear “Tell me more about that.” We’d all benefit from a little more wonder.”

From my heart:

  • 5 Ways to Streamline Your Summer “I’m looking for a way around the things that I get myself tangled up in during the days. I’m after a summer with a slower pace and to-do lists that match my priorities. I’m hungry for all this season has to offer.”


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Happy Weekend, friends!

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