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Saturday Shares [for the start of Summer]

For your Saturday, your early June Saturday, I wish for you a slow morning, for a few extra minutes daydreaming in bed. I wish for you strong coffee – maybe iced if the sun is already shining hot. I wish for you some moments under the blue sky and amongst the trees thick with green. I wish for you rest and adventure. I wish for your soul to find space and rejuvenation.

A few links from around the web, treasures buried under more recent posts and breaking news. I found that they spoke life to my summer-crazed heart. Perhaps they will to yours.

  • How to Slow Down and Savor Now by Angela Koobs  “I forget that these days are gifts. Gifts given by a most gracious Father. And I’m ripping through them, barely stopping to say ‘thanks’, while I’m already thinking about –and worrying about!– the next one.”
  • Things Worth Doing Badly by Tessa Carman “Laughter, enjoying a meal, walking at dawn—such things cannot be left to the expert laughers, the professional diners, and licensed walkers.”
  • What Grown-Ups Get to Do by Cynthia Stuckey “Grown-ups get to be the former generation of big kids who do the things they have to do with joy.”


From the My Heart: 

  • Savoring Summer We’re all here. We all turned our calendars to June yesterday. We’re all at the cusp of a new season, we’re all watching summer begin to unfold.
  • Apologies from a Blogger “For those who have the dream to do something but are waiting until they are better. Or until they have time. To those who are too overwhelmed with options. Can you find a pocket of time to join me in the pursuit of following a dream? Just write something.”


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Happy weekend, happy summering!


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