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Sacred Dailiness

Most of my life feels fairly ordinary. I wake up in the morning, pour myself a cup of coffee with a little cream, scramble some eggs, brush my teeth, and face another day that looks similar to the ones that came before it. Part time nannying, assisting my husband at the school, house keeping, it all becomes routine after a while.


Sometimes I resent the routine. I want to rebel against being another ordinary woman living an ordinary life. I want to stand out, to do something worth noting, to be someone important. I want to get another degree or climb to the top of a mountain or start a life-changing movement. I want my life to be significant. I want to matter…

{I’m over at Seasoned With Salt today, a lovely community of like-minded sisters spread across the nation. I would love for you to join me there, I think we might all need to remember what makes our days significant.)


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