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Saturday Shares [on the day before Easter]

Favorite Links this week:

  • How Easter Offers Hope in a Chaotic World by Rebekah Bell “When life is going according to plan, the Christian notion of resurrection can feel nice but not necessary. But when the rug has been ripped out from under us, the idea of resurrection becomes a much-needed lifeline, something we cling to fervently because we need to be reminded that hurt and heartache aren’t going to have the final say. When we are at our lowest, the idea of resurrection becomes a way of life, a hard-fought determination that God can bring beauty from ashes.”


  • Jesus’ Prayer for You by Lysa TerKeurst “Yes, on this night over 2,000 years ago, they ate together. They drank together. They experienced Jesus’ last supper together.Then He prayed. For Himself. For the disciples. And then for you and for me. The fact that Jesus thought of and prayed for us in these final moments astounds me.I need to read what He prayed. But even more importantly, I need to live what He prayed.”


  • Where is God in the Darkness and Chaos? by Dean Nelson “Things may seem too messy, too chaotic. The sea has swallowed you. Darkness covers your world. You didn’t see this particular storm coming. Your predictions were off. It’s probably how the disciples felt when Jesus died.”





On the Blog:

Immeasurably More I wish I could have been among the crowds on that first Palm Sunday. I wish I could take the hand of the one standing their with a hopeful heart and big dreams. I wish I could whisper to her. “You will be disappointed. He isn’t going to do what you want him to do. He isn’t who you think He is. But don’t lose heart, He has something in store here that is bigger than anything we could have dreamed of. He is about to redeem humanity.”

Do This in Remembrance of Me  In that upper room, with his beloved twelve gathered close, knowing that He was near the climax of His coming, Christ knelt to show us how to serve. He broke to show us how to break ourselves. He poured to show us how to be poured out. The focus of the night was not on the sacraments we were to implement into our church services. All that took place that night was to show us how to love.

When the Christmas Tree Becomes a Cross Glory beaten to death. Light squelched. Noble trees hacked into gnarled crosses. That’s the story of Good Friday. All that we celebrated in December, all that we rejoiced for, the presents exchanged and the decorations put up, they were all there to prepare us for now. That little baby asleep on the hay was growing up for what He would do today. Born to die. Living for death. That was the path of our Messiah.


Song for the Week: (that plays on constant repeat around here)

Beautiful Things by Gungor “All around hope is springing up from this old ground, out of chaos life is being found in you.”


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