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Saturday Shares

Words that inspired me this week (do yourself a favor and read these):

  • What no one tells you about how to live an extraordinary life by Ann Voskamp “I tell the kids that glossy red carpets can lead to nowhere and that the ordinary is the every day container that holds the realest extraordinary. That everyone single one of us gets eyes to look into, to smile into, to witness glimmers of souls right here.”


  • It’s not that I have to be there, It’s that I get to be there by Kristen Palmer “I want to be a cheerful giver of my time. I never want my kids to believe that I have to be with them. Instead, I want them to have the certainty that I want to be with them. They will know this through my words, but more importantly through my actions.”


  • What if He Messed Up? by Jennifer Moye
    “Do you ever feel like God might have messed up?  This life, this job, these kids…..even this marriage.  It’s just too hard to be what God really intended for me right? I don’t deserve to live this way….”


Favorite album on spotify this week (in preparation for Easter):


On the Blog:

This Week: Where Seasons Collide and God is Near “We are living in a broken world juxtaposed against a redeemed one. We are breathing through weary bodies that are at the exact moment being made new. We are sorting through the fragments of our hearts that make up our whole selves.”

From the Archives: To the One Desperate for Spring “This winter will not last forever. There is hope for the abandoned. There is joy for the discouraged. There is something beyond the upset plans. There is rest for the weary soul. There is warmth for the disheartened. There is life. Life abundant. Spring is coming.”


Happy weekend! Happy spring!



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