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Saturday Shares

Whether this weekend is a welcomed reprieve from the crazy of the week or merely an catch up place where the overflow of packed days can fall into, I hope you can find a few minutes of rest. Make another pot of coffee, stay in your comfy clothes, sit for a few minutes, take time to read and think. May you be refreshed and rejuvenated, friends!


What Your Emotions are Trying to Tell You by Nancy Ma for Relevant Magazine

Emotion modification without a deep digging of what’s underneath is only a mask. If we just work on changing outward emotions, we’ll usually skim over the deeper beliefs that lead us to those feelings.


Let’s Meet Up in Diners by Aliza Latta

Let’s meet up in diners, I think as I wrap my hand around my still lukewarm cup of coffee. Let’s show up for each other, even while we’re still waiting and hoping and praying. Let’s order coffee and get plenty of refills. Let’s be authentic and vulnerable and say: I don’t think I’ll ever have it all together. Let’s be scared and brave, all at the same time. We know it’s easier to be brave together. Let’s be honest and kind, and thank God for the girl sitting across from us in the red vinyl booth.”


Worthy Sacrifices of Ordinary Days from Chasing Holiness

When a messy Thursday morning unexpectedly finds itself rubbing elbows with grace, it has a way of highlighting how wildly God honors a servant heart. Hesees the mundane tasks of ordinary Thursdays and weary Mondays and all the days in between—and beholds them as sacrifices worthy.



Why I Write on the blog this week

The thing is, there will be a lot of people who don’t care. There will even be days that no one cares. Those are the days that will either kill you and you’ll dump every word ever written into the nearest garbage can, or they will be the days that bring an enormous amount of freedom. So what if no one cares? So what if my words go unread? I’m not writing to be famous or published or liked or viewed. I’m not writing for the sake of what others think.


Find the Light from the archives

To the follower of light, to the one who seeks the light, there is light in the darkness. The night is as day to them, the darkness as light. For wherever Christ is, there is light.


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