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Saturday Shares

Welcome to the weekend, friends! Fill up your mug with hot coffee and rest a moment with the simple reminders that you are allowed to be here, the mundane is holy, grace can be lavish, and your God is enough. Blessings on your journey.


Break This Habit, Change Your Life by Emily Freeman on Incourage.me

What I am saying is I hope your lack of self-worth never keeps you from buying something for your house or signing up for an exercise class.

I am saying I hope you are able to bring the fear of your own personhood into the presence of Jesus and let Him heal those deep and painful wounds.



3 Lessons from the Backseat Teacher by Heather Henshall

I need to look for the good in everyone rather than being so skeptical. I need the heart in the backseat, the heart of a child. A heart that has so much love to give, grace to share and optimism to change the world. A heart of a child is like the heart of Jesus. My daughter reminded me to tame my skeptical mind and love one another no matter the circumstances or my biases.


Let it Go, Moses Style by Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros on Cisneros Cafe

Sweet friends, do you feel like boycotting the mundane because the results are not quickly visible to you?  Hang in there.  The lesson is as much for you as it is for whatever (or whomever) you are holding in prayer.


Filled Cups  (my musings this week)

Because the truth is, God is enough. Even on the days we feel stretched thin, experience lack, and are at the end of our ropes. Especially on these days. For how can we possibly understand the unreachable depths of Christ’s provision, the vastness of his lavish grace, until we have come to the end of ourselves?


IMG_8119Why Punctuality Needs to Be a Christian Value (from the archives)

It starts in the simple things. It starts by showing up to coffee dates on time, by arriving to work punctually and prepared, by learning how to say no so that our yeses are not hindered. It is here in the every day that we prove our integrity, that we give a good name to Christ-followers.


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    Let It Go – Moses Style – Cisneros Cafe
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