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Saturday Shares [Valentines Day Edition]

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How Tired People [Make] Love & Have an “Anything But Boring” Weekend by Ann Voskamp

You have lived and bore the weight of it —- I am far worse than I ever dreamed. And yet you have loved me beyond what I could ever dream. You have lived Gospel to me.

It’s happening without any headlines: our hearts are quietly boring into each other, us just letting our fingers find each other, our eyes linger. Boring love is what drills wells that taste like wine.


5 Problems With Valentine’s Day by John Weirick

Sure, you’re free to observe Valentine’s Day (if you’re married, you might catch heat if you don’t do something romantic). Love isn’t a bad thing to celebrate. Authentic selfless affection for people in our lives is the primary calling of humanity, especially if we’re trying to be faithful to Jesus’ call to “love one another.” But when we go crazy over a holiday that glorifies picturesque performances of wooing rituals, we neglect the bigger perspective of what love is.



How Not to be Disappointed This Valentine’s Day by Lisa-Jo Baker

Sometimes real love is too busy unclogging the toilet, working the late shift, nursing the baby around the clock to find time to write down all the ways they love you – they’re too busy living it.

Tanner and Greer Proposal-13

I Choose You (A Proposal Story) (because just about three years ago this happened, it seemed necessary to include it this week.)

Forbearance is what proposing in real life looks like. The daily choosing, regardless of the daily stress.

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