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Saturday Shares

On this, the first Saturday in February, I sense a slew of weary hearts ploughing through drifts of snow and the drifts of ordinary tasks. I hope you take a few minutes this weekend to rest in the simplicity of the ordinary, and maybe find some joy in it while you’re there. I’ve found links to aide you in this endeavor, so fill up a cup with hot coffee and join me here for a few minutes.


Ordinary Work by Sarah Bessey

That’s what my ordinary work has become for me, an embodied prayer, a way of holding space for all that is broken while my hands work towards creating a bit of cleanliness, a bit of order, a bit of beauty around me.



Weekends & How They Can Remind Us Who We Are by Abigail Green

Rest is important.
Reflection is paramount.
Re-collection of who we are becoming & what we are feeling, is one of the most valuable rituals we can partake in.


The Power of Ordinary Celebrations by Sally and Sarah Clarkson on Proverbs 31

I glimpsed the power of ordinary celebration — workaday beauty — to invade and redeem a moment of possible despair.



Small Grace [and 7 winter gifts I’ve found] from my blog this week

As I enter February this year I am determined to treat it as more than a passing month between Christmas magic and spring awakening. It is in this sweet winter season I am finding not only the grandiose graces that God has to offer, but also the simple ones. The ones that come in tangible items and ordinary things.


On Waking Up To Snow and Finding Contentment from my blog last year

There are many reasons to want another season. A warmer one. One that includes another beach vacation and longer days with less to do. But if there is really a time for everything, and if every activity under heaven really has its own season, then I want to be fully immersed in the beauty of this season. This season where I wake up to snow. Unwanted, undesirable, and unplanned doesn’t have to mean ugly, distasteful, or unlikeable.

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