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Saturday Shares

Happy last weekend in January! If it has felt like a bit of a battle to get through this first month of the year you’re not alone. May these links bring you a bit of perspective and create some breathing room in your journey through 2016.


Woman on the BeachI’m Not Perfect, But I’m Loved Anyway by Stephanie May Wilson

We don’t want perfection from each other, and we certainly don’t need it! Perfection is creepy, Stepford, inauthentic. Nobody is perfect, and when we try to be, we’re keeping people from seeing the best parts of us — the quirky, off-kilter, slightly nerdy things — the parts of us that are so special, and so entirely lovable.



My break-up with busy by Tsh Oxenreider on the Art of Simple

Here’s the one thing I’m learning to do during a crazy-busy week and it feels so counterintuitive, I still don’t quite believe I do this: I stop. And I go on a walk.

When life hands me one of these weeks, I do the opposite of what the world around me is pressuring me to do. I actually take more time to slow down, to listen, to sleep, to read for pleasure.


Stop Calling Marriage ‘Hard Work’ by Jessica A. Chance on Relevant Magazine

In marriage, the union of two imperfect human beings, there are plenty of challenges, for sure. And, no, life is not a fairy tale. However, let’s not miss that God designed marriage not only to stretch us beyond our selfishness to become more like Jesus through trials, but also to bring great joy to our lives with the myriad of gifts marriage provides.


Fear, Timidity, and The Best News You’ll Hear Today

If only we knew the power, love, and self-control that the Spirit offers. But there’s not room for them. Our hearts our full. Timidity reigns. Fear has consumed. The Spirit of God cannot occupy spaces that are overrun by the spirit of fear.

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    January 30, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Glad to read your ideas. I let fear rule me for a while, but now l am free to enjoy this new year. I can’t believe that one month has already gone.

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