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Saturday Shares

Links for the soul in need of weekend rejuvenation. May your Saturday be quiet and refreshing.


The Heron by Sarah Bessey

I need the God who sits in the mud and in the cold wind, in the laundry pile and in the city park, who embodies grief and joy, wisdom and patience, loneliness as companionship, renewal with simplicity and a good deep breath, and who even now shows up in the unlikeliest and homeliest of lives too, as a sacrament of and blessing for the ordinary things.


Let’s Replace Resolutions with Rhythms by Shelly Miller for the Grace Table 

Replace resolutions with rhythms of rest this year and find peace, wholeness, and direction in God’s love for you. Jesus is our example.


How Aiming For Imperfect Can Improve Your Life by Hillary Rector for Storyline Blog

So, lately—when I’m trying to challenge the places where I tend to be lazy and trying to give a break to the places where I want (and/or think I’m supposed) to look impressive—I’ve found it helpful to remind myself that there are only two ways progress gets made in the world: imperfectly, or not at all.


How To Beat the January Blues and Feed the Hungry at the Same Time 

God has called us to the place where we are doing what makes us glad. And not simply because he cares about our happiness and wants us to beat the January blues (though this also is true). He has carefully crafted each of our individual hearts to be gladdened by the precise thing that will meet the world’s hunger.

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