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Saturday Shares {Links For Your New Year}

For your weekend leisure reading…May you be refreshed and inspired. And before the newness of this year evaporates into something old and normal may your inner world take time to savor and welcome the beginnings of 2016.


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A Blessing For the New Year by Emily P. Freeman

Start small. Celebrate progress.

Turn down the future’s invitation to pull you into anxiety.

Say no to the past’s whispers dragging you into regret.

Refuse to rehearse your failures again. Remember you don’t need those anymore.

Accept the invitation of Jesus who lives with you in this moment, inviting you to be present, to be loved, and to be fully yourself.



How To Love Better by Loving Yourself by Jessica Turner on A Holy Experience

In Mark 12Jesus shares the the two most important commandments – to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

I think we probably remember the love the Lord part. 

And we likely remember the love your neighbor part, too. But that as yourself part—those are the words we forget.



Non Goals by Erin Loechner on Design For Mankind

I pen my own non-goals. The non-improvements, the non-betterments, the non-upgrades. The habits I want to stay the same because I once fought really hard for them. The ones I won’t allow to fall quietly by the wayside simply because I caught myself reading an article titled 20 Things To Change In 2016.

The ones – dare I say it? – I love about myself.


IMG_6920And my own thoughts on living with or with out New Year’s Resolutions:

2015: Living Out the Resolutions 

I’m great at making lists. They are everywhere in my house. In my pockets. In my car. In my bags. I am less great at using those lists to spur me onto living the life I felt called to in the making of them. May 2015 be the year that I learn to live out lists. Not by my own power and strength, because we all know that will fail and I will continue to eat chocolate for breakfast, but by the strength and power of the Spirit of God alive in me.


January-ing {And the Hope for Freedom We Are Craving in 2016}

Maybe it’s time to declare freedom from whatever is holding us back. Maybe this is the year we can live to the hilt – not by checking off a to-do list of habits and resolutions – but rather by living into the people we’re created to be. Boldness. Courage. Confidence. Freedom. Maybe that’s what will lead us through this year and make 2016 all that we are hoping for.

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