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A Year in Photos: Week 50

December 7: These still, dark mornings have become my favorite.


December 8: The route on our regular strolls to the library takes us right past this church. And I know God can live anywhere, but something about this church speaks of holiness.IMG_6376

December 9: Glitter and four-year-olds is never a good combination. I know this, I know these things. Why do I always forget?IMG_6452

December 10: I love these tippy-toes on a little child peering up to see the next box to open on the advent calendar – I love the anticipation it shows.IMG_6406

December 11: I am always glad to find a new writing nook.IMG_6453

December 12: So we set out into the woods and found the perfect Christmas tree for our home. And I was almost going to say “never mind, we don’t really need one since it will only be here a week before we leave.” How silly I was.IMG_6448

December 13: Merry and Bright and absolutely perfect in its simplicity.IMG_6461

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