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Today is Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. Simply Tuesday. Frightful wind has been howling ever since I woke up this morning, and though the sun is shining bright and the sky is a brilliant blue, I am thankful to be inside this afternoon in between choir rehearsals and school pick ups. It has been an unusual season this fall, moving from a slow pace to the busyness of a packed schedule and then back and forth again. But through it all, regardless of what my bizarre schedule has looked like, I’m working hard to keep a quiet and alert heart. I’m learning to monitor my internal pace, to notice the moments, and to be fully present wherever I am – no matter how ordinary it is.


“God comes to me where I live and loves me where I am. If I am not where I am, God cannot meet me. It’s as simple as that. But when I remain where I am with everything that is moving inside me, salvation comes.” –Brennan Manning


Over the past few months I have learned greatly from the words of Emily Freeman – both on her blog and in her newest book Simply Tuesday. Towards the end of this book she took a page to list all the things that made up her days at that point in time. “It’s simple, I know,” she writes. “But a few moments to reflect what these days actually hold – rather than what we wish they held – is a practical way to celebrate our smallness and welcome Jesus into our actual life. The items on your list are clues to the kingdom. Christ is in us, and that means our moments are the earth address where he chooses to live.”


So, in keeping with Emily – as I so often like to do – here is my simple Tuesday, and the moments in which God is dwelling.


Today, Tuesday the 17th of November, I am:

  • Waking up before the sun to the smell of coffee brewed.
  • Opening Scripture, opening my heart, hoping that despite the sleepy eyes the words will penetrate my soul.
  • Making omelets for breakfast, the large skillet for Tanner, the small one for me.
  • Packing a lunch of leftovers for my husband to take to school.
  • Finding ways to exercise my body without going out into yesterday’s snowed being swirled by today’s wind.
  • Listening to Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix during my morning chores around the house, grabbing the book from the bedside to finish a chapter… or two.
  • Playing accompaniment, or trying to rather, for a bunch of eager and pitchy sixth graders singing out Scales and Arpeggios from Aristocats.
  • Getting to linger during my husband’s lunch hour, laughing over our precious students and making plans for the upcoming concert.
  • Listening to Christmas music on Pandora and Spotify, preparing my heart for Advent.
  • Running sectionals, trying my best at jazz accompaniments, watching a high school choir become a viable source of music.
  • Snuggling a sick little six-year-old as we watch Bionacle and eat peanut butter sandwiches.
  • Teaching piano lessons, hoping to pass the joy of creating music on this instrument onto others.
  • Making dinner, serving dinner, cleaning up dinner.
  • Perusing the aisles of City Market with Tanner, looking for the right dessert to complete the evening with.
  • Preparing the morning coffee, wiping down the counters, getting ready for another day filled with the ordinary.


These are the days of learning to be married, of walking through our second year in Buena Vista, of making a home above a garage, of being a mom fill in, of working along side my husband at his job, of high school rehearsals and auditions and honor choirs and thespian conferences, of scale fingerings and rhythm counting. These are the days of reading together every evening and spur of the moment dates and adventures. These are the days that Christ is meeting me in. These are the days I rejoice in and am glad for.

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