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A Year in Photos: Week 44

October 26: Everywhere I look I see a deer. This one won the award for the best looking buck on the block. IMG_5809

October 27: Celebrating all things fall. IMG_5811

October 28: Frosted windshields and snowcapped mountains call for Christmas tunes on the morning school drop offs. IMG_5837

October 29: Wild, free, and childlike. There’s so much I learn from him. IMG_5850

October 30: Barbies on the kitchen floor. This my life these days. IMG_5871

October 31: Celebrating October – recounting all that I learned, heard, loved, and especially loved. (Because October was the month of excellent literature.)IMG_5881

November 1: New months, new mercies. Taking some time today to wander and pray for the month ahead. 


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