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Celebrate October: What I Learned, Read, Heard, and Loved

I’m never as glad to reach a new month as I am when November first rolls around. It is treated like a holiday in my home. Holiday coffee drinks are served, Christmas music slowly starts emerging, and left over candy corn is on sale. Most of all, I celebrate the end of October and all things Halloween. (Because unlike the vast majority of my fellow American citizens, I’m really not into spiders, ghosts, and children dressed up in bloody costumes.) But despite the large amounts of Halloween items invading this month, October has held much life and beauty. Here’s just a peek into my last month.

What I Learned in October:

  1. Facebook scrolling can be a habit quickly broken.

All you have to do is log off of your account on the iPhone and then realize you don’t know the password to get back on. I found myself suddenly on a semi-Facebook fast, which has changed very little about my life. I have, however, remained logged in to my account on my laptop. How else would I find out about all the precious new babies being born?

  1. Read Good Books

(And be intentional about choosing them.)

(And read three or four at a time. Then there’s always something that is compelling.)

(And make reading before bed a nightly ritual.)

  1. Instant Mac N Cheese (the cute little cups that you just add water to) really needs a microwave.

So probably not the best option for a backpacking trip over a stove.Though soupy, mushy kraft mac ‘n cheese in the middle of the woods isn’t all that bad.

  1. Learning to be and not only to do has become a vital aspect to living.

Because my life is not the achievement driven and busy schedule I’ve tended to in the past. And it’s ok because in the space I’m learning to keep company with Christ and live in the small moments.

  1. Full-time parents are amazing.

As I switch to nannying five days a week and I sit on the kitchen floor and play barbies for the seventh hour I am aware more than ever of the weighty task it is to raise children. So my hat’s off to all the parents out there who have undertaken that task.


What I Read:

Simply Tuesday – Emily Freeman’s words continue come to me at exactly the right time. I so appreciate her perspective on embracing the small and the ordinary and finding the Kingdom of God right in those moments.

Better Than Before – As a fan of “The Happiness Project” I was intrigued by this new book by Gretchen Rubin. She is thoughtful, well studies, and very organized in her thoughts. I am eager to put her words on habit forming into practice.

Nobody’s Cuter Than You – And nobody makes me laugh, smile, and cry as much as Melanie Shankle. I could read memoirs all day, especially ones as beautiful as this. Her stories on friendships made me value and desire my own.

Matilda, The Penderwicks, and Harry Potter – I have an unspoken rule in my home. Children’s fiction is the only fiction read here. I loved all three of these novels enormously and am looking forward to sequels in the coming month.

What I Listened to:

Pan Soundtrack – I went to this beautiful prequel to Peter Pan with my little sister for her birthday. The movie conjures up all of the Neverland and Disney-esque magic in ones soul.

Morning Worship – This playlist is the perfect addition to my morning egg scrambling and make-up applying.

What I’m in into:

Harry Potter

Though the summer that I flew through all seven books in six weeks was a happy time, the details of this epic series have mostly disappeared from my brain. So as Tanner decided to read them for the first time, I decided to join in on the fun. I love the stories and the characters and I love having a book that I can’t put down.

Morning Routines

So I hate waking up (and I wrote about it a few weeks ago). Its never easy, but at this point in our life there is no other hour in our days or weeks that has any semblance of routine or consistency. So I enjoy the first hour in the day that is the same each morning.

Reading Dates

So if it isn’t evident yet – I’m all about reading this month. (Well, really always. But October especially). My husband is also – because who isn’t when reading through Harry Potter for the first time. And though our life is crazy and we’re spread out over many tasks and projects, we’ve had many reading dates (in bed, on the couch, at coffee shops, out side on warm fall afternoons) and I love them. What better way to lean into the fall season than on cozy reading dates? I even got a new lamp for the side of the couch – which is the perfect addition to the coziness of this habit.

{I’m joining Emily Freeman and others in the habit of recounting what we learned each month. Perhaps you’ll join me, whether on your blog or in your personal journal or just spoken to a friend in a conversation. These days move so quickly and are so full. Learning to pay attention is always a beneficial habit.}

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