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A Year in Photos: Week 43

October 19: I got a second shelf put up in my kitchen – my canisters have never been so happily displayed. IMG_5751

October 20: Some Tuesdays are ordinary. IMG_5761

October 21: Nothing is quite as weird as going to a movie in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. Well – maybe it is equally weird to realize my baby sister is now a teen. Celebrating her life on this rainy fall day. (Also Pan is a beautiful movie.)


October 22: The season’s first snow fell today. I felt it was appropriate to sit by the fireplace, wear a flannel and read a book. IMG_5788

October 23: Our Friday night date was in the concession stand at the football game. IMG_5792

October 24: We will remember these full days and full weeks with fondness. We will also celebrate the end of them by collapsing on the couch, ordering pizza, and watching a movie. IMG_5797

October 25: Here’s to Sundays spent in different congregations, and slow afternoons that the word “meandering” can be used appropriately. IMG_5796

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