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A Year in Photos: Week 40

September 28: Somehow we stumbled onto this quaint town that celebrates their community by having dinner together on Main Street. All 3,000 of them. We are thankful to live here. IMG_5505

September 29: I like these simple Tuesdays in which the biggest task is helping a  sweet four-year-old get up Main Street on training wheels. IMG_5515

September 30: I specialize in Wood Elf hairstyles. IMG_5527

October 1: What better to celebrate the first of October than by wearing a scarf and boots? (But don’t let us forget about September and all we learned in that month.)IMG_5536

October 2: Learning to love the season I’m in. IMG_5552

October 3: Homecoming parade. IMG_5579

October 4: Sunday afternoon reading date. We both happened to be filling our souls by reading children’ literature. IMG_5574

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