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A Year in Photos: Week 38

September 14: Quiet graces in the midst of stressful days. (Because who wants to be on the phone with CenturyLink for three full hours on a Monday morning?)IMG_5365

September 15: Going slow this fall. Learning to make room for Holy Loitering. IMG_5384

September 16: Tea for two. IMG_5386

September 17: Learning how life goes without a washer and dryer whenever I want one. This is the Laura Ingalls Wilder life I always dreamed of. IMG_5394

September 18: Love this spot. IMG_5376

September 19: Once upon a time running a mile seemed an unattainable goal. Today I ran 13.1. IMG_5404

September 20: Sundays are best for adventuring. And then sitting in the sunshine eating ice cream. (Also – I’m all about the selfie these days. Here’s Why…)IMG_5416

{I’m most thankful when taking pictures. Follow me on instagram to track my gratitude list, and join me in counting the blessings in 2015.}

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