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Celebrating August: What I Learned, Read, Heard, and Did

We’re now at September. Only one-third of the year yet to be lived. The days move so fast. The memories pile up on one another till suddenly you’re holding a full month of them – the highs and lows, lessons and blessings – all bleeding together under the heading “August”. Before we race forward to another month I want to find the pause button on these days flying by, just to stop for an hour on a Monday afternoon – iced coffee in hand and a coffee shop mix on Spotify – to recount where I’ve been this month, what I’ve learned, and what I’m loving.

What I learned in August:

  1. Riding shotgun is called that for a reason.

Ok this is probably a common fact to everyone else, but as my husband took me along an old stagecoach road outside of Cripple Creek, Colorado and told me how Calamity Jane would ride shotgun to ward off other outlaws, I was staggered by a sudden realization. “Shotgun” isn’t something fighting siblings came up with when wanting to sit in the front seat. It actually was named for the person rode in that seat and was in charge of the shotgun. My life is changed.

2. Mason jars can be used on the blender.

I have yet to try this – but as someone who loves to prepare meals ahead of time I am having beautiful visions of filling our mason jars with smoothie ingredients ahead of time, and then popping them onto the blender when ready to consume.

3. I love decorating with white.

Especially white bedrooms. Even a mere glimpse of a white bedroom on pinterest sends waves of peace and pleasant dreams to my soul.

4. When moving a piano at late hours it is so handy to have raft guides around.IMG_4810

It is also handy to have a 12 passenger van to load them up in.

5. Buying a brand new couch makes you feel like an adult.

Also – thanks Ikea for making that a manageable purchase – because who wants to spend $3,000 on a couch? Especially if you can’t drive it and you’re down to one car.

6. Your dream house is made out of the dreams made and lived inside it, and not the furniture, décor, or floor plan.IMG_3983

Mostly I’m learning to lean into contentment in regards to my home – I expounded a little on that over here.

What I read in August:

The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner

My sweet husband saw this on my Amazon wishlist and bought it for me for my birthday because “I care about your interests and hobbies and think it’s important for you to pursue them.” (Yeah, I know I have the best husband.) Definitely a helpful read as I prepare to take time to develop my skills, talents, and hobbies even as the busyness of fall ensues. More on how I’m living into the message of this book to come in September.


On Writing by Stephen King

An ongoing read for the past few months. Always helpful to hear what successful writers think important seeds of wisdom to pass on to others on their path. Of course, it’s Stephen King so don’t expect the cleanest of vocabulary or be surprised at a lack of decorum.

The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus by Brennan Manning 

Because you can never get enough of Brennan Manning’s experience with and understanding of the radical grace and lavish love of our Savior. Seriously, we should have these words on repeat in our hearts every hour of every day.

What I listened to in August:

The Piano Guys – Their music is playing in our home about 95% of the time because what other music do you need? The highlight of this month was seeing them live at Red Rocks. Their joy-infused music is life-giving.IMG_4982

Spotify playlists – especially the ones . I enjoy making my home as much of a coffee shop as possible. The music enhances it.

What I’m into:

Sonic Happy Hour – The closest sonic is a half-hour away, but I can usually figure out a reason to go to Salida on a regular basis to run errands – especially slushee related errands.

Climbing mountains – I’ll never get over the ecstasy of summiting and being on the top of the world. Or at least the top of the state.IMG_4908

Afternoon iced coffees – My thanks goes out to the Starbucks employee who invented the bottled iced coffees because I can’t find any coffee shop that quite satisfies the afternoon craving I get in the summer for one.IMG_4411

My denim button down – light weight and goes with everything – from yoga pants and maxi skirts to leggings and lace dresses. (I’m all about the minimal wardrobe I created during the summer. More on that to come.)

If you want to join me and others in counting the ways you’ve grown and the things you’ve learned, hop on over to Emily Freeman’s site – you’ll be glad you took the time to celebrate before rushing forward to September.

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    September 1, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing on Emily’s site. And now I am listening the Piano Guys at work 🙂

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      September 1, 2015 at 7:18 pm

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad to spread the joy of the Piano Guys on to you on your Tuesday!

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    September 2, 2015 at 5:19 am

    This is wonderful on so many levels. I particularly was amen-ing the “shotgun” rider and the pre-made food in the mason for the blender. 🙂

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