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A Year in Photos: Week 35

August 24: Tis the season for choral music selecting. IMG_5060

August 25: After a long summer hiatus of making dinner (thanks to staff dinners and cold cereal) we at last had supper at home. IMG_5069

August 26: A morning retreat to brainstorm for this next season of blogging. Maybe you want to find the blue “follow” button on the left to get my updates emailed directly to your inbox. IMG_5081

August 27: New days and new years. First day of school as a second-year teacher. IMG_5084

August 28: Leaning into contentment and making this my dream house {click here to read more} IMG_5106

August 29: Siblings and high altitude.IMG_5150

August 30: It’s a happy thing to have my husband and my brother together.  IMG_5147

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