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A Year in Photos: Week 26

June 22: I don’t mind spending my afternoon this way.IMG_4117

June 23: I have some pretty beautiful workplaces. IMG_4141

June 24: Sometimes my jobs consist of hanging out at the hot springs all day. I guess its not too bad. IMG_4153

June 25: Running long distances requires good scenery. IMG_4161

June 26: I can’t really get over the precious cuteness of this picture.IMG_4210

June 27: Whirlwind trip to Kansas to visit family and celebrate the upcoming wedding of a dear cousin. I never mind getting to spend some time in my grandparents’ backyard. IMG_4220June 28: One of the greatest treasures I have been given is this little sister becoming a best friend. We talk about everything, and laugh a whole lot. THIS is what I was asking for when I prayed for a little sister. IMG_4238

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