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A Year in Photos: Week 25

June 15: Trying out our “new” tent. (REI garage sales are the best.) IMG_4033June 16: Some mornings we wake up and go dirt biking. Sometimes the trail is easy. Other times it isn’t. Regardless of the path, I’m glad to have him as my leader.photo-21

June 17: My mom and sisters were with us for the week. What a joy to see my living room full of family.IMG_4044June 18: Every now and then we get up early enough to have time like this together before we head off in separate directions. These are perfect mornings.IMG_4050

June 19: Surprise two days off – let’s load up the car and go somewhere. Sporadic as it is, I enjoy this season of spontaneity. IMG_4057

June 20: I think we’re cute. Canoeing with this boy always makes me feel like Amy March. IMG_4076

June 21: He keeps proposing to me. I keep saying yes.IMG_0024_2

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