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A Year in Photos: Week 23

June 1: Welcoming a new month, and also reflecting on the month that we’ve left behind.IMG_3826

June 2: The makings of a writer. IMG_3835

June 3: We go together like cowboys and indians. (We get along better though.)IMG_3877

June 4: I have become I lover of evening light. (It’s also not hard to love running when this is my route.)IMG_3909

June 5: It was a long wait for spring in the mountains. I went to Denver in April and the lilacs there had already bloomed. But then one day in late May I realized the two bushed in the front of my house were lilac bushes. And their blooming has made the wait for spring worth it. IMG_3920

June 6: Every day is a good day to go down to the river. I didn’t accomplish my goal of trying to catch glimpses of my husband rafting through the rapids, but I did get my soul fed. IMG_3919

June 7: There’s not really a better way to begin the day. Thankful for our awesomely tender God who will meet us in the ordinary.IMG_3929

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