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What I Learned in May

And we’re in June. With May behind us we have a school year concluded, the last of the snow (hopefully), and the start of all things summer. Before we jump into a new month though, I like to take some time to reflect on what I learned in the days behind. 

 1. I do actually like to run. 

I have been running consistently for over a year now. Before then it was here and there as I had spurts of inspiration – rarely lasting longer than five minutes. But even as I’ve worked up my endurance this past year I wouldn’t have said that I liked it. But after several delightful runs this month I now actually am realizing that I do like to run. 

2. I’m lucky to live where I do. 

There’s a point on the drive to Buena Vista when I return from Denver that is spectacular. I come over the hill to the majestic Mt. Princeton and the valley below and each time I’ve come over that hill I am reminded just how lucky I am to call this home.

3. I like to practice piano 

I don’t really practice much as an accompanist. I just spend a lot of time running through songs to make them more playable. As the school year wrapped up and I had less music I had to learn I opened up some classical music – music that requires practicing. And it was fun. It was also life-giving. This is why I chose to major in piano in college, and why I need to continue to play the music I love.

4. Snow days can happen the last week of school

Who wakes up to text messages from principals three days before summer break telling you that it is a late start day due to snow? Miracles do happen.

5. Stories are sometimes the best means to learning

So I am making it a point to read good children’s literature and to sit with friends in coffee shops and to be aware of the story God is writing in all our lives. (I wrote about it here.)

6. Hobby Lobby and athletic clothing stores are my favorite places to shop. 

They are also the most dangerous for me to enter with extra cash in my wallet.

7. Two years of marriage can feel like two months or twenty years at the same time. 

We celebrated our second anniversary this month. I wrote down some thoughts on these 730 days of ordinary married life here. 

8. One of the best parts about moving yearly is discovering the plants that spring brings. 

I have two trees at our current rental house that have pink flowers blooming on them. I thought I couldn’t be luckier and then I went out this weekend and realized I also had lilacs bushes.

9. I am a one-on-one type person. 

Not only do I like it better and get more from personal interaction, you’ll probably like me better if you spend time with me on my own.

10. Doing the dishes can be a means of furthering the Kingdom of God. 

And not just dishes, but all these ordinary, menial tasks that seem unimportant. This is how the Kingdom is furthered. 

{the idea for this monthly review comes from Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky.}

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