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A Year in Photos: Week 19

May 4: I get to watch him lead. And I get to hear them sing. And I play music that adds beauty. The wonder of accompanying my husband’s choir.

May 5: I take my coffee and sit at the piano and feel like I have a place in this world. IMG_3550

May 6: Talking to worms – paying attention to the wonders of this world.IMG_3548

May 7: Trail running on a gray afternoon. IMG_3552May 8: Lights glimmer so much when there is rain.IMG_3559

May 9: I’ll always be thankful.IMG_3567

May 10: Trying on his new life vest – only a few more days tip raft guide training starts. (I took this picture because it looked like a baby carrier and I thought it was cute.)IMG_3568


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