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To the One Whose Spring is Snowy

To the one whose spring began with snow,

That was me this morning too. In the black of the 6 o’clock morning I could see the tree out the kitchen window. It was shining with white. It was entirely snow-caked. Slowly the the gray light of the pre-dawn sky increased, revealing a snow blanketed world. The entire landscape covered in white. photo-11photo-10photo-8

As long as I have lived in Colorado you would think I would be used to snowy March twentieths. Either that or brown earth with little life to be found. But each year I anticipate the first day of spring to be bright with warm sunshine, bursting with color and budding life. Maybe next year I’ll remember that the calendar doesn’t always get things right.

I see you, incased in your own snowy world, hungry for some life, eager for the touch of spring to brush your cheek. I see you in your wintery world, cold and ready for a thaw. You are living The Long Winter right now, and I see you ready for it to be over. Enough with the bitter days and frozen hearts. Enough with the drippy nose and icy prospects. I see you, longing for spring but skeptic that it will ever come.

I wish we could walk through the snowy fields together. I wish I could take your hand and point out the millions of diamonds sparkling there, dancing in the winter sun. And I wish we could stand there and watch as that sun gets warmer. The creek will run faster. There will be the sound of dripping everywhere. Slowly, and then almost in a blink, the snow at our feet will be gone and all we will see is the green life that it left behind.

Dear sojourner, the one whose spring is starting out covered and cold. The snow will melt. And when it does we will be glad it fell. We will be thankful for the mornings we woke up to ice and trudged through cold. The light is only getting brighter. Spring is coming.


{It seems the first of the spring days are always in need of hope. I had similar thoughts last March.}

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