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I Choose You {A Proposal Story}

{Warning: some cheesy romance may ensue. Read at your own risk.}

Two years ago this happened. Tanner and Greer Proposal-10

Down on his knee, asking “will you?” Exuberant yes. A ring slipped onto my finger. Smiles, laughter, kisses.

It was a perfect proposal. Beautiful location. Sparkly ring. Hidden photographer. Romance was everywhere. The kind of romance that love songs are written about and movies are based. We loved each other. We wanted each other. We were ready to bind our lives together. And as a girl who barely had another date in her life, being chosen – singled out above all others – was something I could hardly wrap my mind around. “Really?” I asked him when he brought the ring out. “Really? I’m the girl you want?” Tanner and Greer Proposal-30

Two years later, two years of learning how to do life together through the daily routines and world altering landmarks, and this is still my response. “Really?” “Really, you want me? I’m the one you want to see every morning with bed head and dark circles under my eyes? I’m the one you want to bounce every idea off of and call when you need help? I’m the one you want to come home to every evening? I’m the one whose emotions and needs and mood swings you want to deal with? I’m the one you want to share everything with – from toothpaste to income?”

Tanner chose me to be his wife on that rock in the mountains on February 17th of 2013. Two years later he continue chooses me to be his wife on this normal Tuesday in Beuna Vista, to share breakfast with and get ready for work together, to call me to discuss dinner plans, to co-lead musical rehearsal, and he chooses me to come home to and go to sleep with. And tomorrow he’ll choose me to be his wife again.

Because choosing who you are going to marry, though made initially in big, romantic ways, is a choice continued to be made through the dailiness of real life. It isn’t a one time decision to make someone your spouse. It can’t be, not if you want to make things work. You have to intentionally decide daily to grab that person’s hand and walk with them through whatever that day will hold. You have to intentionally decide that you will forbear with that person, regardless of the mess.

Sometimes forbearance means waking up when the alarm goes off because helping that person in bed next to you is more important than a few more minutes of sleep. Sometimes it means calling to check in during the work day. Sometimes it means putting aside demanding projects and pressing plans and spending the whole day simply being together. It can mean sitting patiently through tears and spewed feelings, and it can mean holding harsh words back when another decides to do things differently than you would have. Forbearance is what proposing in real life looks like. The daily choosing, regardless of the daily stress.

I have been blessed with a man who forbears. And with every act of forbearance he is on his knee again. He is choosing me, again and again. And if there was romance on that mountain two years ago, it has only increased through his daily proposals. Will you marry me? Can I stand with you through every storm? Can I be the one who sees you every day? Can I be the one you call if you need something? Can we walk together through life? Can I choose you?Tanner and Greer Proposal-44

And like that day two years ago, I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I have been chosen by this man.

{Last year I also wrote on our proposal story – for more pictures, memories, and girlish romanticism you can view it here)

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