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Peace, Integration, and All Things Good

Somedays Wikipedia says it all. And on days that it does, I’m glad I’m not writing a scholarly paper and can quote this source of wisdom.

“Judaism classically has no distinction between religious and ostensibly non-religious life. Holistically, Jewish tradition guides religious practices and ascends all aspects of day-to-day life toward an ethical way of living. Inside the endless omnipotent existence beyond space and time of the holistic oneness of God, He created our world and existence.” –Wikipedia

There. I did it. Two and a half years out of college and I cited Wikipedia. That’s enough for one blog post.

But really. Did you read what that all-knowing source of wisdom said? God’s law given to the Israelites in the Old Testament was a holistic law. As he created the world he did not create borders and boxes. There was not a dividing line between what He considered sacred and what He considered secular. There only was. And it was good.

Have we taken the time to ponder the demolition that these devisions cause to our quest of wholeness? Of Peace?

“Compartmentalizing the many aspects of life by separating circumstances and activities into the distinct realms of sacred and secular is not the path of the mature Christian. Rather, in light of the God of peace being near, they will reflect His wholeness in the integration of all things.”

(I also just quoted myself, this is a good day of breaking all college writing rules.)

The applications to this are widespread, and it is up to each follower of Christ to discern where they have been making boxes, drawing lines, and pasting labels where instead they should see a whole creation. One that has been broken and is in need of redemption to be sure, but that is meant to be whole. God’s ways are not that of disunity but of unity, not of fragments but of integration. Let these be our ways. Earth-from-Space-NASA-HD-Wallpaper

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