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Peace in Nature

The better we know God the more whole we become. It’s not that revolutionary of an idea, really. I am a child of God. As a child, my identity is based on His, and my value is wrapped up in Him. It naturally goes to follow that for every encounter I have with him, every epiphany I experience – whether ordinary or uncommon – I will become more whole. The better I understand and the closer I walk with the God I serve, the better I will understand who I am and walk in the way I was meant to.

So today I climbed a mountain. 10151336_10152762198944936_5102263034381928193_n

Not in attempts to find him by reaching the heavens. No, He is already everywhere.

Not that I could escape the rest of the world, because hasn’t he come to integrate all things?

I climbed a mountain because I wanted to dwell for a day in the grandeur of His art.IMG_1502IMG_1500

So often we spend our prayers asking God to show us more of Himself, and then go away wondering what that would actually look like. If you want to know a person you spend time learning what they do, and observing their craft. God does much, and He is not limited to nature, but what if asking for more of God inside our house on our couches we went outside and looked around when we prayed those prayers? Imagine what we might see. And how those purple flowers, feathery clouds, and rocky paths might speak to us of their maker.

“The whole of the sky and the world is speaking endlessly of His glory. When you step outside and listen, your soul revives. You need that. If the Heaven’s Declare, get out there.” -Ann Voskamp

I am blessed to live in Colorado – statistically one of the most physically active states in the US. A large majority of us are already getting outside to hike, bike, run, and ski on a regular basis. So maybe to us the challenge is not to get off our couch. Maybe it is to open our eyes a little wider as we step out of our front door with running shoes on. Rather than staring at the app that shows the calories burned or putting the ear buds in to block any sound but your own heavy breathing. Take advantage of the time in the creation to know the Creator.

“When we contemplate creation rather than manipulating it, we are able to see nature as a gift of God to be cherished and cared for. When we receive in our hearts with gratitude and awe what God has created, we see nature as it truly is – a transcendent reality that asks for reverence and respect. Then it becomes transparent, and life starts to speak a new language, revealing to us the goodness and beauty of God.” -Henri Nouwen

It doesn’t have to be a mountain. It doesn’t have to be a large time commitment. But for every day that we stay indoors we miss out on part of the wholeness that knowing God wholly brings. IMG_1294

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