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It was spirit week at the high school my husband teaches at. There were daily themes that the students tried to incorporate into their wardrobe. Nerd, cowboy, eighties, Mrs. Doubtfire…my husband did them all. His office has clothes strewn everywhere and our costume closet is a mess – but the enthusiasm was infectious. I delightfully watched as he lived into his tasks dressed in an absurd outfit – amazed that someone could be so comfortable in his own skin that a floral dress and a feminine wig didn’t distract or deter from the work to be done. And oddly enough I found myself following his directions clearly, almost forgetting the little blue hat bobbed on his wigged head with each downbeat.

Whole people are like that. No, they don’t necessarily go to work as a cross-dresser, but they are unshakable in their work because they stand on an unshakable foundation. Christ’s in them has made them whole and they live out of their identity as a redeemed child of God.


When we let Christ invade our life with his peace gift we are transformed from fragmented people to whole people.

Fragmented people are timid, worried that they will make mistakes. Whole people are bold, knowing that, though they stumble, Christ in them will work all things for good.


Fragmented people are insecure, focused on what others will think. Whole people are confident, secure in the knowledge that God has already placed His seal of approval on them through Christ.

Fragmented people are anxious, nervous to see what tomorrow will bring. Whole people  are joyful, certain that the uncertainties of tomorrow are laid out according to the will of a loving heavenly father.

Fragmented people are hardened, creating barriers around their messes. Whole people are tender-hearted, letting others enter their lives at an intimate level and see the work that Christ has done. And the work He has left to do.


Fragmented people mechanically go from task to task, distracted by past regrets and future desires. Whole people see their days an integrated and live each moment to its fullest.

Fragmented people are driven by fear, doubt, and the insatiable desire to find fulfillment in their life. Whole people are driven by love, wisdom, and the eager desire to bring the peace that they know to all places and all people.IMG_0201

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