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Gearing Up for October

I want to be a writer. That’s kind of a scary statement for me to say out loud. I would prefer to say I write as a hobby, when I have time. Which is currently mostly true. But if I was to be completely true I would say that writing has always been something I loved, and being a real writer has always been a dream of mine.

And yet I find it hard to bring myself to sit down and actually write. I have ideas. I have words come into my mind. But because of everything else that fills my life on a daily basis, and maybe a lack of self-motivations and discipline, I find myself with a fairly empty blog. (Which I started after two years of thinking about it.)

I do, however, excel at reading blogs. A new favorite has become The Nester – an endearing, home-decor focused blog written by Myquillyn Smith. And to my delight I discovered a 31 day challenge she hosts for fellow bloggers to simply write something every day in October. Though I’m not sure I’ll post anything significant, I know that simply getting in the habit to sit down and write will be a good way to combat the hundreds of excuses I have created up to this point.

Join me in the challenge, or maybe just join me in my own journey of writing by clicking over the the Making Peace page. October is bound to be an exciting month.

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    Kristin Johnson
    September 29, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    Dad’s and my Sunday school lesson yesterday was taught on peace. Got me thinking – what does it mean to “seek peace and pursue it.” What did Martin Luther really mean by peace in his famous statement: “Peace if possible, truth at all cost.” Why does the pursuit of peace seem secondary to truth? At least to ML. Anyway, looking forward to your posts. Love you, Mom

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