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I Said Yes

February 17, 2013 – one year ago today – Tanner Oharah took me to the center of a rock window that looked like a heart and asked me to marry him.

Tanner and Greer Proposal-8


I said yes.

Really, there was no way I could have said anything but yes. I’d liked him for as long as I’d known him, and wanted to marry him for about that long. He was funny, talented, strong, and extremely good looking. He shared my enjoyment for music, my pursuit of education, and my desire to further the Kingdom of God. We’d be a great team, and I wanted to spend all of my life at his side.

So, of course, I said yes. And as I shook my head in disbelief he slipped a perfect, sparkly ring on my finger.

I said yes to the straightforward question that he asked: “Greer Allyson Johnson, will you marry me?” But I also said yes to a million other things at that moment.

I said yes. I would marry Tanner, and learn to let my life become one with his.

Tanner and Greer Proposal-10

I said yes, I would be his partner throughout life. No matter where life led us, I would be at his side. Or at least trailing behind as I try to keep up with his long stride.

I said yes, I’d start each morning with him, no matter how early, that I would end each day with him. Even though my peak time is the middle of the day.

I said yes, I would build a home with him. Figuratively and literally.

I said yes, I would choose him above anyone or anything else. Sleep included.

I said yes, he would be my leader. Except when we go snowshoeing. Then I’ll lead so I can break the snow in because I’m lighter.

I said yes, I’d let our lives and possessions merge as one. Which includes having obscure instruments, tanned skins, and Phantom of the Opera masks as part of our home decor.

Tanner and Greer Proposal-13

I said yes to hours in the practice room, studio and performance halls, watching him make music and making music with him.

I said yes, I’d let him have my heart and I’d share it with him – even in my introverted, internal processing way of bottling everything up inside me.

I said yes, no matter what disagreements or misunderstandings we had, I would stay with him and work through them all. After, of course, many tears and being patiently coerced to come out of my shell.

I said yes, I would put him first. Or at least try hard.

I said yes, I would be his best friend and laugh with him at all his ridiculous jokes, and go on late night ice cream dates, and be his work out partner, and be his travel buddy, and go to Asia Cafe at least a hundred times, and cheer him on in all he does.

Tanner and Greer Proposal-26

I said yes, I would learn how to be with a grown-up with him, and pay bills together, and apartment search together, and try to save on electricity together, and learn to eat healthy together, and learn to laugh at all our mishaps together.

I said yes, I would be his adventure partner and go anywhere with him.

I said yes, that no matter what, by Christ’s love in me, I would love him forever and be the best wife I could be.


I said yes, February 17th 2013, and I will continue to say yes. Til death do us part.

Tanner and Greer Proposal-30

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    February 18, 2014 at 8:08 am

    I’m glad you said yes. Your proud and happy father.

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    February 18, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    I’m glad, too!

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